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Jayde Deonna Ross is the founder of Jayde Deonna Designs established in 2020. Jayde Deonna Designs specializes in equipping new and small business owners with high-quality designs and helpful tips they need to attract their ideal customers. JDD strives to provide all of its clients with the best possible customer service, designs and industry knowledge. 


After over a decade of dipping in and out of various mediums within graphic design, Jayde noticed an overwhelming lack of cohesive designs and brands in most of the small businesses popping up in her local area and on social media. Seeing so many great ideas flounder because of disorganization, the inability to connect to a target audience and more issues Jayde decided it was time for her to put her graphic design skills to use and after a year of research, Jayde Deonna Designs was launched. At Jayde Deonna Designs, the client can be sure they’re going to walk away from their experience satisfied with high-quality graphics, a clear sense of their brand and some design related knowledge + business tips. As a single mother Jayde understands how much goes into juggling a business on top of other responsibilities so you can trust that when you leave your brand in our hands it will come back bigger and better than before. 


Ready to enhance your brand with Jayde Deonna Designs? 

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