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Terms and Conditions

Below are the Terms & Conditions that have been carefully written to protect you (the Client/Customer) and myself (Jayde Deonna Designs). It's recommended that you view these prior to purchasing or contacting us. Click here to see our


Payments + Pricing

For ALL projects under $500 full payment is required before work will begin. Pay-in-4 Service Providers (Sezzle and Klarna) are provided at checkout for your convenience. For projects over $500 the option of paying 50% at the beginning of service and 50% upon final delivery is available upon request. Pricing is subject to change at any time and once it is reflected on the website it’s valid, if a price has been agreed upon prior it will remain valid until that project is complete. 

Additional Fees

Additional fees may be accrued during the duration or completion of service if services or time-ranges out of the agreed upon terms are needed. Possible additional fees are listed below and will be enforced upon breach of original terms.

  1. More Revisions- $50 fee for each additional round of revisions outside of the 2-3 revision limit.

  2. Changes After Finalization- $50 fee for revisions after finalization within 7 business days of project completion.

  3. Abandoned Project Restart/Finalization- $75 fee to restart or finalize a project within 7 business days of it being abandoned. If a project has been abandoned by the client/the client does not respond within the allotted time stated in their draft/finalization emails Jayde Deonna Designs reserves the right to close the project, retain any payment made and has full rights to any designs created during the duration of the service.

  4. Change Entire Concept After Project Starts- $50 fee for changing an agreed upon concept to something completely different to cover the additional cost of separate research. 


Due to the nature of the services provided by Jayde Deonna Designs, we cannot offer any refunds on any work already started. If a project has been approved and finalized by the client no returns or refunds will be processed. If your service has not yet been rendered, refunds may be issued upon Jayde Deonna Designs discretion but if the design process has already been started, refunds cannot be issued.

The only two reason any monies will be refunded is


1) In the event that Jayde Deonna Designs is unable to complete the project for personal reasons or illness or


2) If a client is being negligent, hostile, disrespectful, difficult, etc. then Jayde Deonna Designs reserves the right to withdraw from the project. If the project has already been started the payment becomes forfeited and no refunds will be issued. If the project has not yet started, all monies will be refunded and the project will come to a close. 


Cancelling an order is at the discretion of the client, with the knowledge that no refund will be issued to offset the loss of business. If an order is canceled during service, all elements of the project are property of Jayde Deonna Designs. 


The client will be given the right to final say on all colors, fonts, text and images used in the final design. There’s a (2-3) round of revisions limit on each element of a project and any additional revisions are $50 each. This is to ensure the project is completed in a timely manner while also capturing your specific vision.


All communication and inquiries should be done via email ( We will answer questions via our chat box on our website or direct messages via social media, but all formal inquires should use the aforementioned email to contact us. If the client doesn't respond within the designated timeframe given after they receive drafts there will be a $75 restart fee if the request is made within 7 business days, if the restart request is made after 7 business days the client will be instructed to re-purchase the service. 

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time starts when ALL requested elements are submitted by the client, not when the purchase is initially made. Information is only accepted through our forms, in a word document or one big email, if information is sent in multiple emails you will be asked to put it all into one document or email.


Turnaround time for all artwork varies - check the individual listing for a more specific turnaround time information. Rushes are available for purchase and bring the turnaround time down significantly. Note that revisions extend the turnaround time. Being on time is essential to Jayde Deonna Designs but during peak/busy times, there may be an extension in the design timeframe of 7 business days-2 weeks. 


Weekends and Holidays are not included in the time frame of any project. Turnaround times can also be extended if there is an illness, natural disaster, family emergency, etc. Customers will be notified at that time if there is a delay. 

Design Content/Drafts

To create your dream designs/projects, you need to come to us with a vision in mind. Our style and yours may vary greatly so freestyling could end up being a hassle on both ends. Even just knowing colors, fonts or a general look you’re going for is better than asking us to freestyle. All draft works are owned by Jayde Deonna Ross, they may not be redistributed, copied or manipulated to any persons or business without prior permission from Jayde Deonna Designs.

Unacceptable Client Elements

Jayde Deonna Designs does NOT work with:

  1. Logos that are not at least 300 DPI or on a transparent background (PNG file)

  2. Website Themes purchased from Etsy or non-original sources

  3. Glitter, diamonds or clip-art. If requested, you will be guided towards more high-quality elements that separates your business from low-quality ones. 

  4. Low-Quality Brand Photos (selfies, blurry photos, etc) - unless otherwise stated for your specific project needs

Content Delivery files/Policy

Logo files will be sent as PNG, JPG, SVG or PDF files. There is no additional charge for requesting additional files such as EPS. There is an additional fee for requesting PSD or AI files. Any core (PSD or AI) files remain the property of Jayde Deonna Designs even if copies are submitted to you. 


Besides core files (PSD or AI), design concepts and premades, you own anything you purchase from Jayde Deonna Designs. Once the invoice is paid in full, the client has the right to utilize the design in all media subsidiaries for business promotion while Jayde Deonna Designs reserves the right to exhibit the design for business promotional use. In addition, Jayde Deonna Designs owns the design concepts produced before the finished product. The client gives Jayde Deonna Designs permission to utilize the clients full denomination, business address and/or website address, for testimonial purposes on their website, or other business content. The client understands that it is their responsibility to copyright or trademark their logo. 


The client understands and agrees that in the event the client initiates a chargeback and/or merchant dispute with their issuing bank for the services or products they have received and in fact owe payment for, and the client is successful in recovering the disputed funds that would otherwise be owed to Jayde Deonna Designs, then Jayde Deonna Designs, will make every effort to provide documentation to the issuing bank that the client did receive any and all products or services, including this policy. The client will also be barred from buying any products or services from Jayde Deonna Designs in the future. 


Should the client fail to make appropriate payment, Jayde Deonna Designs shall pursue any and all available legal and equitable remedies available by law. 


Due to the nature of services provided Jayde Deonna Designs does not ship anything to our clients. Shipping info may be 

collected at checkout but will not be used.

Terms & Conditions are subject to change at any time. Last updated 7/31/2023. 

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